Web Design is Dead.

… but

Design is not.


Advertising and Graphic Design Gallery

A gallery of some of my favourite design pieces that I have created over the past two decades. These examples are a compilation of many print mediums and uses; from very strategic professional advertisements, to personal design projects. Some examples have an extended content page with more samples and case studies – look for the (i) icon.

A lifelong fan of print design; from comics, consumer catalogues, skate magazines, and music album artwork in the 80’s, to the snowboarder mags, rave flyers, and adbusters magazine in the 90’s. Print advertising and graphic design was a big influence on my life, it was a positive view of the world, of life, it gave balance to the chaos of the real world. When done well, it was inspiring, satisfying and gratifying to me.

Graphic design in advertising (to deliver a message) uses interesting graphical elements, imagined and created by people using artistic skill and combines that with machine precision to add a layer of messaging which uses phycological, written, and technical skills, to achieve a purpose while making the world a more beautiful place.  I’ve always appreciated and respected this combination of form and function.

This Gallery is the ground level. If you require design or advertising services then head to the second floor to talk shop.