Logo & Branding Design Gallery

A gallery of my favourite logos have been designed over the past two decades. All designs are hand-crafted and the product of many versions and refinements. Each starts with a process of competitive analysis, strategic planning, and collaboration with the client through guided phases of draft concepts. The results are logos and brands that achieve the businesses unique marketing goals. Some examples have a case study with more branded materials designed for marketing and advertising purposes – look for the (i) icon.

I’ve paid attention to logos my whole life. Everything had a logo and the best logos belonged to the best products. All my favourite things in early life had logos and I took them all in; toys, cartoons, bike/motor bikes/cars/jets, fast-food, gas stations, sports teams, music bands, and video games. From an early age when I became a fan of sports, I started drawing the logos of sports teams on all my school books. In the 80’s, ‘wacky packages’ put every logo i’d memorized into graphical jokes. That really put logos on my radar. Then in the late 80’s came the skateboard companies with designs that were professional but had rebellious creativity. They stayed on trend and were cool. I drew my favourites on everything but also bought stickers to put on my other personal items to make them cooler (bike, skate, binder, locker, stereo, etc). That made it an art form I fell in love with.

Any opportunity to work on a new logo design project allows me to tap into that massive historical log of logo appreciation and do my best to make a worthy contribution to the field. This gallery is the ground level. If you require branding consultation and design services then head to the second floor to talk shop. A Logo is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Your company’s logo is a representation of you, often a first impression, always a memory…