Branding your Business

Quality Logo and Branding Design

A Logo is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Your company’s logo is a representation of you, usually a first impression, always a memory…

A logo should be designed for the medias’ that it is to be used in. For a corporate or brand logo that means all types of media. A logo with 12 colours or a photo image may look nice in full colour printing, however they are not transferable to many medias. Printing costs will also increase as a result of the many colours needed to reproduce the logo accurately. A good logo will be just as effective in black & white as it is in colour.

A logo should be completely vector based (points not pixels or rasterized). This is a fully scalable file that will be needed for marketing uses such as; large format printing, signage, banners, or silk screening on promotional items. Vector designs reproduce accurately at any size. Small logo sizes should be designed as part of a branding package. They are a must to consider for today’s digital marketing needs. Considerations for email, icons, and thumbnails should be part of the branding design. This is where the pixels come in! Quality logo reproduction for digital needs requires different file formats and sizes.

When you have a brand designed, you’ll be supplied with multiple file formats and sizes to use for your different marketing needs. Branding packages will also supply you with the colour codes for your logo and brand in CYMK, RGB, HEX, and Spot (if used) to use for all your business needs from presentations to vehicle wraps.

Contact James Trimbee and discuss your logo objectives and branding requirements.[/vc_column_text]

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Logo:

  • Makes the best first impression.
  • Attracts your target audience.
  • Makes your business memorable.
  • Gives an advertising advantage.
  • Quality logo communicates a quality business.
  • Help distinguish you from the competition.
  • Professional brand consulting
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Supplied with all of the files you need.
  • Consistency in image across all mediums.

Product Pixel understands the importance of graphic design. We know how hard it is to stand out in a competitive business environment. Unfortunately it takes some time for a new customer to appreciate the quality of your product or service. At first they will judge your business by the visual appeal. Whether it is an advertisement in the magazine, a sign on the street, a flyer on a pole, an online banner, or a business card – all of these are the mediums through which the customer will make assumptions about the value of your business. This is why all design work produced by Product Pixel attempts to capture and retain your customers attention.

We understand that the needs of each client are unique and therefore we do not jump to conclusions. Every project starts with a careful analysis of our client’s business and study of the competitors. With this information in our hands we develop some design concepts and consult with you to align on a direction. Following that, we present a few loose concepts of potential logo designs and work with you to find what fits your tastes and will appeal to your target audience. Once a direction is chosen, we work toward its perfection and supply all files and accompanying information.

Successful Branding & Campaigns
Are Key To Customer Trial

The time to address branding deficiencies is now. Waiting for a “slow time” only compounds problems and when a slow down occurs, companies are more likely to follow the leader than adopt a long term strategy than leads. Because branding addresses the entire corporate experience, striking while the iron is hot and confidence is high, not only emboldens you but invigorates the whole stake-holder group. Following are quotes from some great ad minds. They knew the importance of developing a brand strategy to give a personality to a product that would otherwise be nameless and of less value in the eye of the consumer.

“Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image”.

– David Ogilvy

“A product is something made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by the customer. A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated; a successful brand is timeless”
– Stephen King (formerly of JWT ad agency)

“Your brand’s power lies in dominance. It is better to have 50% of one market, instead of 10% of five markets”.
– Al Ries

“You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.”

David Ogilvy